Hand-Crank Centrifuge


McMath Controls Hand-Crank Centrifuges are available for short cone, pear and finger centrifuge tubes. The reliable, durable and rugged construction makes this centrifuge ideal for field use. It has a smooth dual-gear driven system with the  gear ratio of 16:1 to assure efficient centrifugal force for sediment and water testing. The design of the gear ratio and throw of the crank produce smooth effortless motion with maximum speed and minimal effort. The crank design provides ample clearance in all directions when the tube shield and samples are in motion.



• Lightweight aluminum alloy body.

• Easy turn worm gear drive.

• Self Lubricating bearings.

• C-Clamp built-in for easy mounting to any surface


A-560FTC Hand Driven Finger Tube Centrifuge (Two Place)

A-561SCTC Hand Driven Short Cone Centrifuge (Two Place)

A-562PTC Hand Driven Pear Tube Centrifuge (Two Place)