Centrifuge Tubes

Precision Measurement centrifuge tubes are used for the measurement of water and sediment in crude mineral oils, fuel oils and other petroleum products. All centrifuge tubes are made with the highest quality of hand-blown glass with the durability to last in the field.

Precision Measurement centrifuge tubes are available in pear, short cone and finger tubes. Centrifuge tube holders are available to take precise measurements of solutions, and compare solutions side by side.

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Short Cone Centrifuge Tubes

A-561SCT100 100 ml Short Cone Centrifuge Tube – $59/each short-cone-ct

A-561SCT200 100 ml/ 200 % Short Cone Centrifuge Tube – $59/each

A-561SCT200FG 100 ml/ 200% Short Cone Centrifuge Tube Fully Graduated – $75/each

A-561SCT200ST 100 ml/ 200% Short Cone Centrifuge C/W Screw Top – $75/each

Pear Tube Centrifuge Tubes

pear-tube A-562PT100 100 ml Pear Shaped Centrifuge Tube – $59/each

A-562PT 100 ml/ 200% Pear Shaped Centrifuge Tube – $59/each

Finger Tube Centrifuge Tubes

A-560FT100 12.5 ml/ 100% Finger Centrifuge Tube – $15/each finger-tube